Friday, 4 July 2014

Slip over pinny

Perhaps the simplest  design of all over pinny of all, these simply slip over the head with waist ties tying at the back.  This one was almost certainly made by Hercules and I'd guess that it dates to the 1950s.  The roller printed cotton has a gorgeous design in cerise, green and turquoise.

Manufacturer: probably Hercules
Fabric: roller printed cotton of floral design in cerise, turqiose and green trimmed with pink bias binding.
Year made: possibly 1950s

Green wrap around overall

Wrap around overall in green drill cotton.  Unable to buy these in the 1970s, I resorted to making some in the standard colours of white, blue and green.  This particular one has short sleeves, has been in regular use for the past thirty odd years and is somewhat sadly reaching the end of the road.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Sheep may safely graze...

Made for me by a friend perhaps twenty years ago.  I love the brown gingham and especially the embroidered sheep.

Homemade wrap-around pinny

Made for me by my Nan.  The paisley design still feels fresh, even if it's faded somewhat with time.  I've no idea who made the fabric, but it's a fairly standard roller printed type of pattern.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Banner wrap-around pinny

Unusual and attractive fabric design. Made by Banner, a name mainly associated then (and now) as a manufacturer of school uniforms, and the almost exclusive supplier of the blue and green wrap-around overalls that were worn for science and arts and crafts.  Banner date back over 150 years as a company, and were once a major supplier of military uniforms.

Manufacturer: Banner
Fabric: Roller printed cotton with blue, yellow and white flowers arranged over pink boxes and black spots on white background with turquoise binding.  Maker of fabric unknown.
Year made: Probably 1940s

Hercules wrap-around pinny

Hercules is probably the best-known brand name for vintage pinnies.  In fact Hercules is the name used for the preshrunk roller-printed cotton fabric, which was manufactured by Joshua Hoyle & Sons of Manchester.

The pattern here is a classic design for the printing method used, combining floral, geometric and paisley motifs in blue and green.  As with most older pinnies, this has been made to a good length and would have reached well past the knee.

Made by: unknown, possibly Hercules
Fabric: Hercules cloth, preshrunk roller-printed cotton of floral, geometric and paisley design in blue and green, with blue bias binding.
Year made: Probably 1950s