Friday, 4 July 2014

Slip over pinny

Perhaps the simplest  design of all over pinny of all, these simply slip over the head with waist ties tying at the back.  This one was almost certainly made by Hercules and I'd guess that it dates to the 1950s.  The roller printed cotton has a gorgeous design in cerise, green and turquoise.

Manufacturer: probably Hercules
Fabric: roller printed cotton of floral design in cerise, turqiose and green trimmed with pink bias binding.
Year made: possibly 1950s

Green wrap around overall

Wrap around overall in green drill cotton.  Unable to buy these in the 1970s, I resorted to making some in the standard colours of white, blue and green.  This particular one has short sleeves, has been in regular use for the past thirty odd years and is somewhat sadly reaching the end of the road.